To best meet our members individual needs, we offer an expansive range of products at compassionate prices. We ensure the highest quality and ethical standards are met in the sourcing and production of all our products.

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Tinctures and Capsules

The VCBC offers a wide array of different oils and capsules to meet each members individual needs. Using 20 year old recipes, each blend of oil and capsule have been fine tuned over to create consistent, reliable medicine.

Suppositories THC and CBD

Despite the fact that they are often over looked when considering medicinal options, cannabis suppositories save lives. We offer different options for both vaginal and rectal suppositories, all are set in disposable packaging. For more information about suppositories, click here to read our pamphlet. In Stock50mg THC ($2.00) 100mg THC ($4.00) 50mg CBD ($2.00)New : 1:1… Continue reading Suppositories THC and CBD


The VCBC is proud to supply several healthy and diverse edible alternatives to inhaled cannabis and we are continually developing new products. All of the products we offer are produced by Food Safe trained VCBC staff, in our bakery facility, ensuring the highest possible standards of quality are met. For more information on these products… Continue reading Edibles


Often over looked, the medical benefits one can receive from topical cannabis deserve consideration. To find out more about how topical products work in the body and what we have to offer, click here to read our Topical’s Pamphlet. 

Infused Bath and Shower Products

Happy to offer as many avenues as possible for our members to absorb their medicine, we offer an array of bath and shower products infused with both THC and CBD. These products are especially effective in treating various skin conditions, nerve and muscle pain as well as insomnia. 

RSO (Rick Simposon Oil)

Viridesco *Oil for Life We are very proud to offer RSO provided by Viridesco, who have been supplying accurate dosing and labeling on each of their products for many years. Viridesco has a core value to provide unadulterated, lab tested, medical-grade hemp and cannabis-derived oils for Canada’s medical cannabis community. We offer CBD and THC… Continue reading RSO (Rick Simposon Oil)