Safe Onsite Consumption Lounge – The Box

March 19th, 2020
At this time the Box is closed as a preventative measure of reducing the possibility of spreading the COVID-19 virus. This is a temporary measure and we will reopen the box as soon as possible.

The VCBC is proud to offer a range of community services that complement our role as a cannabis dispensary. One of our most popular and beneficial services is a space to medicate.

Our Vapour Lounge or box, is a safe and comfortable environment for our members to use their medicine and connect with a diverse group of people, united in their healing. Promoting community wellness, It is an excellent space to meet and network with fellow medical patients.

Members are welcome to bring their own cannabis and are not required to make a purchase in order to access the box. It is completely free to use the moment you become a member at the VCBC. There is no tobacco use allowed, only cannabis.

ted puff

In the Box, there is a Volcano Vapourizer and dab rid with an e-nail for our members to use. We are proud to offer a completely wheel chair accessible space, including the dab rig which can be adjusted for height.

Our Vapour Lounge has an up to date filtration system, as well as a community posting board and news board allowing members to connect and stay up to date with cannabis related news and events.

Through activism, education, and research we strive to further the public’s understanding of medicinal cannabis. We will take anyone who meets our membership criteria. We do not discriminate against age, sex, race, sexual orientation or any other reason; the VCBC is a safe space. All are welcome.