We are very lucky to have the love and support of the local Glass Blowing Community; the needs of the members at the VCBC are a very serious priority.

The artists take special care to ensure their pieces are designed to be as durable as possible at a compassionate price.

Each piece of glass displayed is unique.

All mail orders containing glass will be wrapped with special care to ensure the protection of the piece.

We are excited to currently offer hand blown glass pipes

GRAV – Pebble Spoon 3″ – $13.50

Down at the lake, river stones in hand, pants rolled up to your knees, you’re locked in debate. Who wins: the farthest thrown or the most skips? It doesn’t matter in the end, just be careful not to throw your Pebble Pipe!

Dab Straw

A wonderful local hand blown glass piece from Kathleen Buckley, the dab straws are a convenient and low cost way to consume cannabis extracts. All you have to do is heat up the end with a torch, and touch the hot surface to the cannabis concentrate and inhale for instantaneous relief. The Dab Straws are… Continue reading Dab Straw