Medical Growing: A Garden of Peace – 2nd ed.

Medicinal Growing is a beautifully put together book; filled with gorgeous pictures and packed with awesome information, you can count on an enjoyable easy read.

$25 Per Copy

Written and Photographed by Daniel Boughen

Forward by Ted Smith

Published by Trine Day LLC (2018)

Words from Daniel Boughen:

 dedicate this book to those persecuted and incarcerated by the War on Drugs, to my Father, who was organic before there was a movement, to Mum, who told me to ‘Write what I know,™ and to my love, Penny.

This handbook will take you straight to the finished product in the shortest possible time with less power and effort, yielding healthier, happier plants, productive crops, and the best Cannabis you ever had! I hope you enjoy it.

(p. iii)