Hempology 101: The History and Uses of Cannabis Sativa – 4th ed.

Written by Ted Smith

Published by the International Hempology Society (2012)

Cannabis is the most important plant on Earth. Cannabis is the Tree of Life. Cannabis has been critical in our development and, though it has been suppressed for a time, it will be critical in our evolution for a very long time  – Ted Smith, p. 7

Hempology 101:The History and Uses of Cannabis Sativa offers a comprehensive and holistic view of humanity relationship with cannabis through history and into the present day. It is a useful resource for anyone looking to learn about the medicinal and industrial uses of this plant. For example, cannabis may be the solution we need to address environmental and economic problems faced by the world today, supplying renewable food, fuel, textiles, and building materials, providing inexpensive and easily accessible medicine, and more.

Ted has been a cannabis activist since he moved to Victoria to start Hempology 101 in 1995. In 1996 he founded the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club of Canada and has provided cannabis products to people with permanent, physical disabilities since.

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